two story home addition washington dc

Home Addition Plans: What Are Your Options?

Home Addition Plans: Exploring the Most Practical Options The kitchen isn’t big enough. Your clothes won’t fit in the closet….

cottage style back porch

How Porch Renovations Add Curb Appeal

Considering Porches -or- How the Greeks Invented Outdoor Living Are you looking to add curb appeal to your home? You…

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Home Additions & Remodeling in Washington DC

Home Additions Are Still Good A Investment In Washingtion DC, home remodeling has evolved into a sophisticated and highly professionalized…

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Planning A Home Addition In Chevy Chase

Home Addition Plans: What To Do With All That Water If you live in Chevy Chase and you are planning…

interior rough framing of home addition

Home Remodeling: It’s Exciting Then It Isn’t Then It Is

Home remodeling, can be a bit of an emotional roller coaster even when all goes according to plan.  We get…

garden plan for two story addition in washington dc

Home Additions Indoors and Out

The Great Outdoors -or- The Great After-Thought Gilday Renovations completed a two-story addition to a Washington DC residence several years ago….

front entry porch detail

Curb Appeal

Something Is Missing Curb appeal. You  know it when you see it because you feel it. But, what is it…

transitional kitchen style in chevy chase

When An Addition Doesn’t Add Up

A previous owner of this Chevy Chase Maryland home had put on a very, very small breakfast room addition.  It…

interior construction of kitchen addition

A New Addition to the House

Humble Beginnings New additions all look pretty much the same to me at the beginning–as do new people.  It takes…

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Home Remodeling: Design & Craftsmanship

When we talk about the fine points of home additions we tend to make it all about the designers.  In…